CHRONOLOGIES Help Win Legal Cases

From beginning to end, assembling medical case chronologies and facts in an easy format can put you on the path to victory.

Our chronologies…

  • Paint a complete picture of the story that easily identifies deviations in standards.
  • Reference medical terminology that is not easily definable.
  • Supplies an easy guideline during depositions and trial.
  • Easily searchable to cross reference and reference medical charts, the ideas in the medical chart, and then the deviations in the chart.
  • Bates Stamps & evidence are linked into the whole chronology.

Chronologies help show the narrative and ensure the entire team is on the same page. Either preparing for depositions or developing motions, chronologies are invaluable to the entire process.

WHEN do you start the Chronology Process?

You start the process as soon as the merits of the case have been determined!

Why is it important to start chronologies as soon as possible?

Starting the chronology process as soon as possible makes it easier for finding gaps in the case. Chronologies are used to find missing documents or people that are named in the lawsuit. The process for discovery will be faster and more efficient the sooner the chronology process begins.

The process of a chronology helps to identify all of the different companies that touched the patient. Many companies use third party contracts to implement some of their services. So ensuring you are suing the correct company is priceless.

Our goal is to complete a chronology that is invaluable to the Attorney and gives them the time needed to develop the case.

How do I use the chronologies?

Chronologies are more than just thinking tools. They are a practical aid in communicating with your client. Use your chronology at settlement conferences. Show opposition counsel and their client why the facts back your view of the case. Show them that you’re organized and will be a formidable opponent if they choose to be unreasonable. Use your chronology to make a powerful case to judge and jury. Chronologies are great tools for educating the jury during opening statement and for illustrating your arguments during closing.

Please contact us to learn more about chronologies or if you have any questions regarding this blog post.

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